My comrade Tina and I went on yet another adventure. The last time we stopped was after teaming up with the Foodvengers and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu & fighting against Miku Hatsune, Marceline & Finn and returned the possessed Finn back to normal. Along the journey we're still wearing the clothes & weapons from the battle.

We were wondering what to do so we sat on the ground. Suddenly we saw a hot air balloon landing from a distance. We ran towards it to see who's inside the balloon. Surprise surprise, we met Owl City & he's dressed as the Once-Ler. Striped pants, vest, hat and all. HE OWNS A FREAKIN HUGE ASS HOT AIR BALLOON.It was 8 in the morning and he has a bright orange owl with yellow bushy eyebrow-horns & moustache-beak! He calls it the Lorax Owl. The patterns on the hot air balloon resembles Truffula trees. Seems like Happy Halloween came early for this particular Adam Young and for some reason he picked Dr Seuss's The Lorax as a theme.
"So you're Lady Nurfatinah and Mistress Raditha right?" he greeted. We nodded, and I was like, "Dude, be casual. Call us Tina & Rara. We're fans of your music and whimsical lyrics." "What brings you here, by the way?" Tina added, asking.
"I'm actually on a hunt," replied Adam Young, "for real life Barbaloots, Hummingfish and Swomee Swans. For some reason I just feel like they exist. In real life."
We find that fact and determination awesome. The Lorax owl was perched on Adam's shoulder for quite a while until Tina noticed it. "What's that adorable little thing you got there?" she asked.
"Lucky me, I bumped into the Lorax Owl," Adam replied, stroking its chest to beak area. "Its scientific name hasn't been found out yet, but it'll come up eventually. You can tell he's a guy by the vibrant colors of his feathers."
"And the mustache in his beak," I added, "at least that looks like a mustache to us."

"So what's the special occasion, you dressing up as the Once-Ler from the movie and suddenly bumping into this Lorax Owl?" I asked again, out of curiosity."I told you guys just now, I'm on a hunt," he replied softly, stroking the owl one more time before letting him flew off. "I don't know why but my mood chose me to dress like this. And this little guy just happened to be stranded so I decided to take him traveling with me. I'm surprised you girls are the one asking the question while wearing these colorful eccentric fashion armor… thing."
"Oh what, this? These, Mr City-Full-Of-Owls, are what you call FABULOUS" Tina replied sharply. "These guitars are our weapons. We've just returned from a battle and we've got Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on our team. Y'know, the chick who sang Pon Pon Pon, Candy Candy and Fashion Monster and all that."
"Ah I see," he answered. "Then you must be very exhausted. Climb aboard, I got treats for you to munch on."
"We already ate, cuz the previous city was basically made out of food, and we're the Candy Valkyrie Warriors," I told him. "But sure, we'd love to." I could never refuse an offer."And we'd like to assist you in your hunt, too." Tina added. "We love animals. Just… you're not gonna kill any of them, right? Because that's just so unlike you."Owl City gazed at her in surprise. "Me? Kill animals? PFFFT of course not! Why would I do that… why would anyone do that?" he then gazed blankly away from us, a bit saddened.
"Whoa whoa whoa, dude, we're not assuming you would kill or something, we were just wondering. Same as you." I made an attempt to ease up the situation.

"Ha. Gotcha." he said, sniggering & back to his happy self. We climbed aboard his gigantic truffula hot air balloon, which turned out way bigger on the inside. "It only looks small on the outside," he said. The balloon took off and before we know it, we were already going places. "Words can't describe how happy I am being here right now," uttered Tina. She was totally enjoying the sightseeing, borrowing Adam's binoculars and having an eyegasm at the scenery. I was too busy petting the Lorax Owl cuz I'm always easily distracted when it comes to cute animals.
Owl City sat on one of his chair, drinking coffee from a transparent glass cup while apparently listening to some Kyary Pamyu Pamyu songs. "Her songs are pretty catchy and quite contagious, no wonder they made her a meme…" he commented, somewhat complimenting. "We know, right?" me & Tina replied in unison. "And if I meet her again, I'll definitely make her listen to YOUR songs," Tina added with a big grin. There was no WiFi signal up in the air so we couldn't check Youtube for music videos, even though we've all got laptops. I handed him my Imagine Dragons CD and he told me he's heard of them, and that they're pretty good. Tina and I then went on exploring the hot air balloon. There were four baskets, one for the main/living room, one for eating cuz there's a mini-fridge and a stove that doubles as the balloon's burner, one for sleeping and another was a spare, empty one with a hatch opening at one corner of the floor, probably for the bathroom.

By 10AM the Lorax Owl was getting sleepy. Adam picked it up from its perch and it went to sleep on a fluffy cage he kept beside him.
"Awww he slept," I muttered. "Like a baby," added Tina."Soon as I put him to sleep the Hummingfish hunt begins," Adam told us, putting his owl to sleep. Later he took control of the balloon, putting his telescope in action and spotted a lake surrounded with bridges and mini-waterfalls. Carefully he steered his balloon, making it land down nearby. After the balloon landed we popped out, taking out our guitars just for fun (as if we're gonna club something to death). Owl City steps last, only taking a camera, a notepad and a pencil. I said, "dude… what kind of Once-Ler are you? The Once-Ler has an axe & all you got instead of an axe are those?!" "What can I say, I'm here to find inspiration, take photos and write songs, not chop down trees." he replied confidently. "Ohhh BURN. And besides, these trees aren't truffula trees" Tina jeered, then ran first with her guitar. Initially, she looked like she saw something & gonna murder it, but in the end she just slid on her knees, on the soft grass almost near the lake's edge, then strummed her guitar, starting a melody.

One fish jumped up in the air. The three of us gazed in amazement. Tina strummed her guitar again. This time, more fish jumped up and down, and they were making sounds that appeared to be singing. These fish were actually singing. "COOL! I wanna sing along to them!" she exclaimed. Adam Young was too busy taking notes and recording a video of the incident with his camera. I jumped next to Tina and jammed to her melody with my bass guitar. More fish joined in the choir. Adam finally joins in, improvising on some lyrics and actually singing in the foreground with his clear crisp voice. Then we became his backing vocals. Soon it was a total performance and we got carried away, completely having fun. Adam's camera was recording the whole incident, we kept on improvising lyrics and giggling at the mistakes. Amidst the recording, something amazing happened. These fish were jumping up on a branch and with their tail fins they look like as if they're walking. They were almost walking while singing. The three of us shouted victoriously in unison "WE FOUND OUR REAL LIFE HUMMINGFISH!!".

We ended our jam with an awesome finale, but shortly after these fishes began to dive in the lake & go all quiet again. "Hmm… if it doesn't work that way," Owl City muttered, then snapped his fingers "Quick Rara, Tina, play some tunes again, this time continuously. Stay put while I get my camera" he ordered, and we played our guitars again near the lake, enough to keep the fish jumping and singing. Adam grabbed his camera and started taking pictures up close with the fishes. He even got one on his hand and stroked it, then returned it back to the lake. "It's working!" I exclaimed. After a couple of success photos, we finally had to say goodbye to the "hummingfishes".

12 PM. Upon returning to the balloon, the three of us chilled on the grass. Me & Tina took out our sketchbooks and started drawing the fishes. Adam Young on the other hand, played back the recording of our show we put on with the hummingfish. He wrote down & edited the lyrics we improvised, planning of actually recording this song if he has time. "The Once-Ler sings songs too," I spoke up, "but he has guitar. How come you didn't use your guitar just now?" "Y'know the phrase 'Too Many Cooks Spoled The Broth'?" he asked. "Yep. Something like that. You girls already have guitars just now and I just jammed along with only my voice." "Good point" responded Tina, then she turned her head towards the balloon basket. "Lorax Owl is still sleeping though. Of course, it's midday," she said. Adam checked his GPS for the exact location of the place, took out his phone and wrote the latitude & longitude coordinates on the phone's notes app. "Foursquare, eh?" I asked. "Nah, how can I log on Foursquare when there's no internet?" he replied, chuckling. I turned to Tina, she turned to me and whispered "I didn't know he has a super secret Foursquare account his fans didn't know about." I replied "me neither, I was just saying. Then again it doesn't necessarily have to be Foursquare, it can be anything."

Seeing that we got the whole day, we hopped in the hot air truffula balloon and got ready to hunt the next animal on the list: The Swomee Swans.


"After you, Lady Radoshka," Tina said, being polite.
"No, after you, Duchess Nurfatinichovka," I answered, lightly.
We were jokingly having an argument after who goes first in soaking used teacups in a water filled bucket to wash them. "Ladies please, let ME show you how it's done" Owl City broke off our joking argument and unloaded a whole tray full of teacups, polishing them one by one with speed and arranged them in some sort of unique cartoony way. We applauded him. "Nice techniques, Young Once-Ler" Tina sneered. "Now lemme see you bake some pancakes like the Once-Ler in the movie!" "My pleasure," he replied, turned on the stove and greased his pan. Tina assisted him in putting pancake mix and I added some beef bacon jerky. "Hey, bacon pancakes!" exclaimed Tina and then we proceeded to sing the Bacon Pancakes song in Adventure Time. Just as expected, Adam begin his pancake-juggling like the Once-Ler in the movie when the Lorax & some Barbaloots came to stay in his mobile home. "Ta-da~" he announced as he finish, but one pancake slipped his plate and went off the balloon. "Aww, what a waste of perfectly good bacon pancake" moaned Tina.

Not far away from our balloon, something golden swiped away the falling bacon pancake. "Didja see that?!" Adam Young exclaimed. Tina and I nodded, jaws dropping. "WHERE IS MY CAMERA DARN IT" he shouted all of a sudden, rushing and filled with excitement. Tina and I knew this means action. Being the little daredevils that we are, we climbed down one of the rope ladders of the balloons while holding binoculars. Well, Tina's still stuck with the binoculars she found earlier. I was just there holding a piece of pancake with my right arm extending.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! DON'T BE AN IDIOT!" Tina yelled, panicking as I went further down the rope ladder, extending myself further and further with the pancake, looking as if I was about to fall. Adam heard her screaming and he rushed to look down, accidentally clicking his camera button and taking a picture of me about to fall instead. "Your friend's right, y'know," he added "climb up before you fall South".

Too late. What appeared to be a giant birdlike thing attacked the rope and I lost my grip and eventually fell. Tina facepalmed. Everyone panicked. Until she spotted me with the binoculars, as I was clinging onto a fairly big golden swan's legs, slowly descending as my weight overpowered its flight. Adam piloted the hot air balloon and it followed the swan which was carrying me. The swan eventually disappeared below the canopy of bluish green trees, and Tina and Adam Young had to find someplace big enough to land the balloon. There was another lake in the middle of the jungle and they landed with a big splash.

They probably came looking for me soon after. I was stuck hanging down on a tree branch for a good regretful 30 minutes. They found me and I received a good amount of scolding from Tina, but they realized I was just trying to help in on the hunt. I broke the fact that Tina sometimes scolds like a mom, and that made Once-Ler Owl City crack up. Suddenly we spotted swan nests perched on top of the trees in the forest. There were swans everywhere, and they were all flying towards the lake the balloon just landed in. We could tell most of them were pissed off, because they were squawking angry noises and pecking the balloon's basket.
"Oh no, the balloon!" Adam exclaimed. "What are you talking about, that thing is sturdy, both the basket and the balloon fabric. I don't think these swans can peck through them," I told him, missing the point. "No, the point is the big basket is blocking their precious lake!" he said, in a rather concerned tone. He replied, "We gotta do somethi- hey WAIT! I GOT IT!" suddenly his concern was overtaken by an idea. He hopped in, cranked some gears and pushed some buttons, and out came giant mechanical spider legs from the base & corners of the balloon basket. The legs stretched until they were taller than a 3-story motel. Tina and I stood among the contented swans, jaws dropping. "DAFUQ?!" suddenly we shouted. "Why didn't you tell us the hot air balloon has MECHANICAL SPIDER LEGS?!" I yelled, confused. "We could've landed safely on some trees while looking for Rara just now!" added Tina, also yelling. "Sorry!" Adam yelled from inside the balloon. "Don't wanna scratch the tree barks or accidentally chop down any swan nestlings or tree leaves with these strong legs, eheheh…" "Man, for a Once-ler you're pretty environmentally-conscious," I remarked, "you're like a combination of the Once-ler and the Lorax. Ironically, that Lorax owl of yours doesn't even give a crap about nature-"

"Dude, the owl is asleep," Tina cut before I could say anything else. "Look". She pointed at Adam Young, climbing one of the strings attaching the balloon to the basket, seemingly calm at first… then suddenly sprang out and DANCED like he's never danced before. He landed gracefully back in the basket, but he was still extending his twirling body and flailing arms outside, seemingly to get attention from the wild swans. He was practically gyrating in a courting manner. Well to some birds at least.

"pffft- PHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!" Tina and I couldn't help it. We burst out laughing, chortling, tears bursting out of our eyes and spit out of our mouths, severe coughing included. We laughed so hard we couldn't even stand or breathe anymore, and before we know it, splash. We rolled downhill and fell in the lake. Some swans attacked us, pecking our clothes (but lucky they were still mendable). Seeing this, Adam Young threw out his not-so-heavy anchor and pulled us up the basket. "What the H, girls? You're supposed to show them you're friendly. You gotta gain your trust," he said while rescuing us, suddenly acting like a bird expert. "So… that… WASN'T a courtship dance?" I asked. He shook his head and continued dancing while me & Tina continued holding our laughs (if I'm not mistaken I caught her secretly recording his not-a-courtship ritual on her phone). Surprisingly his method worked. A swan flew towards him. And another one. And another one. And he was suddenly evolving from Owl City to Swan City. Tina's phone camera was still rolling. We saw that ridiculous method actually working.

The swans carried him away, dancing along to his dances, and finally landed him on one of their nests. There, the cygnets chirped as he slowly touched their soft feathers. With his flash-less camera ready, he captured the scenery in just a few clicks. From a distance, Tina and I could hear him laughing with content, remarking how brilliant the moment was. "Pfft why does HE have to have all the luck and all we got was soaking wet?" I complained, envious. "Hey, look on the bright side, Miss Envidia McJealousPants," Tina said, trying to cheer me up. "At least I got the recording of him dancing those embarrassing moves on my phone! Once there's internet I'll secretly upload this baby online". Too bad she didn't capture from the first time he danced to the swans (because we were too busy laughing) but only that bit was enough to cheer us up, and to be proof that something amazing just happened in the end. If uploaded on the internet, it would make millions of people wonderstruck in awe (after they receive a good laugh of course).
"Hey, y'know what always makes you feel better when you're jealous? Copying." Tina reminded me of a not-so-secret hobby -or rather, ritual- I usually do. I shook my head "Nah… don't feel like it. That dance is too embarrassing, I mean just LOOK AT THIS." In an attempt of making fun of his dance, I half-realized I was also doing the dance. In a mocking manner, interrupted by laughs. Tina danced along too and we were laughing at each other's "swan friendship dance" while yelling stuff like "oh boy this is stupid hahahaha", "I'm a supermodel lololol", and suddenly before we know it, we were being carried by a flock of swans ourselves. We were doing the dance moves right.

"DUDE!" I exclaimed. "MOCKING WORKS! It really works! Huzzah for MOCKING!!"
"We're MOCKINGBIRDS!!" Tina responded, also yelling.
"Mockingbirds on real life Swomee Swans!"
"We need to go deeper!"
The swans dropped us on different nests though. We had our phones on & I told Tina to turn off the flash since animals are usually sensitive to flash photography. Tina said she was just gonna record a video. From a distance, Adam Young waved at us, shouting "I see you girls finally decided to follow my lead. Way to go." He smiled, and all we could do was blush and let out a weak "eheheheh". "Wait there, I'm gonna go back to the balloon & get some bacon pancakes," he ordered, and went back to the 'mothership'. We didn't mind staying, playing with the swans & their cygnets. They were really fluffy.

Moments later, it was raining bacon pancakes from the balloon. The swans swarmed and tried grabbing every falling pancake Owl City threw out. When he reached us, once again he dropped his anchor & pulled us from the nests. "Alright, after this we'll be off. Say goodbye to the swans," he announced. It was already 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Time sure did fly fast. It's sad to leave the swans eventhough we've got enough footages and played with them, and it's even sadder that we're only left with one piece of bacon pancake. The three of us cut it into 3 equal pieces, and we cut some bits for the Lorax owl too once he wakes up.

4 PM. Adam Young told us to change into some of his emergency clothes since our clothes were soaking wet and slightly swan-pecked. He laid a blanket on the empty room in the balloon basket & said the blanket was the changing room. His clothes were a bit too big but it was an emergency so we were okay with it. We're like candy-valkyrie-mini-once-lers now.
Meanwhile, he was still checking his GPS, writing down coordinates and editing the video & some photos he just took, compiling them with the hummingfish incident. Seems like he's dedicated himself to this hunt (which doesn't actually seem like a hunt at all, more like a documentary adventure or some sort). Once we're done he turned at us in his clothes, he let out a fairly big laugh on how ridiculous we look. All I could say was "screw you, we're Candy-Valkyrie-Mini-Oncette's" but Tina was all "we laughed at his dancing technique. He laughed at us wearing shirts too big for us. Now we're even." That sentence was suddenly approved by Adam's nodding. "Chin up, the pancake was delicious," he added. Tina and I sat down on one corner of the basket then proceeded to draw some Swomee swans.

We stopped by a waterfall. Adam got off and tied the balloon to a nearby heavy rock. "Since you've already got your bath in the lake back there, I'll just hit the showers in that waterfall over there. I'll be back in a few minutes," He then headed over at a distant waterfall.
I randomly watched videos in my laptop, but my battery was dying so I had to stop. Up until now, Tina was for some reason still obsessed with the binoculars ever since laid her hands on them. "Who needs videos when you can watch this awesome real life?" she commented, "which of course we'll record and re-watch once we get back home". She browsed around as I grab old of the telescope near the pilot controls, trying to sightsee as well. Tina began rambling about how the lush green scenery is rare to find, it's unlike the scenery back home and stuff. "And look at that refreshing waterfall. It's so blue, so freshly gushing out from behind those rocks over there. I bet it's cool too, I wanna jump in and do a cannonb-AY CARAMBASCHVOLTEN WHAT THE FRICK?!" she suddenly screamed, freaking out. "Where?!" I asked, rotating the telescope to her direction. Sure enough Tina accidentally saw who we think it was, taking a shower among the waterfall. "I better not continue, this… this is just umm… embarrassing…" she shyly put away her binoculars, her face red as tomato juice… until she saw me recording the vision with my phone's camera hole on the telescope. Then her face was a mixture of maroon and scarlet.
"WHAT THE HELL, RA?" she gasped, slapping the back of my head. "You know you're gonna get bad karma if you do this right?" I was fairly tolerant to pain so I didn't pay attention to what she said, and continued recording, laughing as I go along. The further I recorded, the louder my maniacal laughs were. She had to shake me but I didn't say anything as I was done recording; just diabolical laughs.
I then played the recorded video to her. "Didja see how the owls sorta cover his privates from our view while he washes his hair? How did they know? How does he do that?" I said, still half-laughing. Tina shrugged, already calmed down after realizing I was actually laughing at the owls in the waterfall. "He really is some sort of owl-whisperer maybe," she answered, "or maybe he's just good with animals". "Y'know what? I recorded this video and you already recorded a video of him dancing to the swomee swans, NOW we're even!" I chirped, sticking out my fist at her, waiting for a fist bump. Tina disagreed, "nah, it's only even if he finally recorded an embarrassing candid video of us". She's got a point, but agreed to bump my fist anyway.

Moments later Adam Young returned from the waterfall, still wearing his Once-Ler clothes but for some reason he didn't smell at all. We carried on traveling, hoping to end this day with a Barbaloot hunt. Knowing that the evening skies were still clear, he turned on autopilot and left the cockpit. He then proceeded to pick up our torn clothes, already half-dried. He remembered putting a needle and some extra thread under his shoes for emergencies, and he tried mending one of the holes.
"Allow me," suddenly Tina's voice was heard. She approached him and clicked a few buttons on her guitar. Its body transformed into some sort of sewing machine and the neck becomes the controls. "This baby transforms into the almighty Sewtar," she commented, taking her torn outfit and fixed the holes and frays under 10 minutes.
"That was fast," he said, awestruck. "Heh, yeah, that's one of the miscellaneous features of this guitar," she replied. He then told her he might use that for something just in case. She wondered what it is.

Definitely not making a bear skin coat. That is so unlike him, or us.


The Lorax Owl opened its eyes. It was 5PM and strangely it woke up earlier than usual, according to our Once-ler, Adam Young a.k.a. Owl City. Who was right then examining the poor lost owl for clues on its place/habitat of origin. Meanwhile besides that, he was also enthusiastic about the final part of the hunt; barbaloots. They're pretty much fluffy brown bears, really. Assisting him were Tina and I, as candy valkyrie warriors, but currently in Once-ler clothes too big for us. We still have our guitars though, in case the situation calls.

As Adam brushed the Lorax owl's back, he noticed a few fluffy orange material that definitely wasn't owl feathers. "They seem a bit sturdier and feel softer at the same time," he concluded, examining the strands. "Maybe this came from where it lived. We gotta go back there."
"You gotta be kidding me," Tina spoke up suddenly.
"I know we haven't started the Barbaloot hunt yet, but-" he answered but was cut short.
"You're kidding, right? You never told us you have a stash of marshmallows hidden in this box!" she exclaimed, pulling out a big plastic bag of marshmallows from a blue box. "Oh goody, let's roast them or something!" I gleefully recommended. Adam's head turned to us and he said "maybe not now, maybe when the night falls and if we haven't seen any barbaloots yet. We'll set up a campfire somewhere and sleep on the ground overnight too, you dig?" "Yes sir Once-ler sir," we replied in unison, doing a salute.

I was gonna show him a really hilarious video on my laptop, but my battery died suddenly. While Adam was still examining his beloved Lorax owl, he grabbed hold of something and tossed it at me. "Here, catch," he said. I caught it. It was a potato. "Use a potato," he said, "plug your charger in the potato as if it was a socket". I did as he told… and it worked. What kind of sorcery or physics is this.

Getting back at the cockpit, Adam grabbed his telescope and spread his map on the dashboard. Alternatingly glancing outside and on the map, he was paying attention really deeply as to where to find these bears he was looking for, the real-life Barbaloots.
"GEHH-" he gasped, "I see something brown and fluffy!" and exclaimed as the Lorax owl jumped an inch & flapped his wings. Tina and I abandoned what we were doing and rushed with him to the cockpit. Since I was still carrying my laptop with a potato attached on the charger, and Tina for some reason was carrying some other things from the basket, and we were rushing into the cockpit so we sorta weighed down the balloon a little. That sort of made it easier for Adam to see the brown fluffy distant things clearer.
"No wait, I see FOUR fluffy brown things… and they look like bears! They're RUNNING BEARS, like, RUNNING, ON TWO FEET!" he exclaimed excitedly, and told us to stay put while he lower down the balloon towards them. "So we're gonna go jumping at them after the balloon's low enough, right? I asked. He nodded while giving us signals on when to jump. "On the count of three… I think the balloon's low enough," Adam said as the basket almost hit the treetops, "one… two…" Suddenly Tina interrupted, "By the way Adam, if you're the Once-ler, how come you don't have any mule or donkey to begin with?" Hearing this shocked him a little and he replied with "I'm not ACTUALLY the Once-ler gosh darn i-"
The balloon basket hit some trees and it sent the three of us and the Lorax owl toppling over the edge with great big thuds. "Egh… you just HAD to bring up the mule thing," I complained to Tina, which replied, "sorry, not sorry. Random thoughts pop out sometimes and you should know that cuz it happens to you too,". I thwacked her in the back of her head as payback for the time I recorded Adam Young showering in the waterfall, but before Tina can respond to that, the victim of our embarrassing recording said something that made us both turn. "Those bears… aren't bears at all, they're not that small OR big. As far as I know barbaloots are shorter than humans… and these four ones look like they're HUMAN SIZED!" "Hey yeah," me & Tina replied. Moreover, these bears look like they're running towards us, rapidly closer and closer… "Whoa now take it easy," I signaled them, standing in front with both palms facing the running bears. "Yeah we got marshmallows!" added Tina, grabbing one full marshmallow bag. Suddenly the leader of the pack stopped.

"Marshmallows? Who needs them when you have THESE berries!" the leader spoke up.
Me, Tina and Adam Young stared at him in disbelief, jaws wide open.
"That voice… wait, aren't you-" Adam spoke up, but I cut him. "PETE WENTZ!" I yelled, shaking his hand while he revealed his face under his bear costume. The rest of the band members followed suit. "Fall Out Boy? What are you guys doing here?" Tina asked, opening the bag of marshmallows and munching some. "We're just wandering around and looking for berries," Patrick Stump answered while Joe Trohman showed them the berries. "It came from the forest we've just landed in before this," Joe added. "But it's pretty far away, and we don't wanna go back there but if you want, we can take you there," continued Andy Hurley.
"So what's with the bear suits if you're hunting berries?" asked Adam. Pete replied with "what's with the Once-ler suit if you're hunting… eh… onesises?". That sent all 7 of us bursting into laughter. "Good one, Pete," Tina said, "but we're actually hunting barbaloots. It's for Adam's project cuz well, he's the Once-ler". "Yeah, and we've also hunted hummingfishes & swomee swans starting this morning." I added. "I'd show you the recorded video of us improvising on a song with the hummingfish choir, but-"

Before I could finish, the guys of Fall Out Boy already laid their eyes on what was perched on Adam's left shoulder. The Lorax Owl. "Is that what I think it is?" Patrick asked. "Yep, looks like it," Andy confirmed. "that's one of the owls from the forest we were just in. Pete extended his hand onto Adam's shoulder, signaling the owl to hop on his fingers. "Mr Owl City, may I?" he asked politely. Adam nodded. The Lorax Owl jumped onto Pete and he examined it even more. "It looks hurt though," he remarked. "Yeah, I just took care of this stranded little guy after I rescued him, before meeting these two," Adam told Pete. "Ah, it's a guy, should've seen the bright feathers," muttered Patrick, "perhaps it needs food. How about these berries?" "Dude, if we feed the bird these berries we wouldn't have enough to take home anymore!" argued Joe. Patrick calmly replied, "relax, compared to what we've got, these are only a pinch." He grabbed a handful from their berry stash and presented it to the Lorax owl, who was still perched on Pete's hand. The owl sniffed the berries, munched two to three and suddenly was way alert than before, like he was in some sort of control, or as if the berries gave him sudden anxiety. Quickly he flew away from Pete's hand and descended into the scenery blocked by millions of trees.

"NOOOO!!" Tina and I yelled. "Quick, follow it!". But before we could get back in the balloon, there were already a swarm of wild brown fluffy bears attacking the balloon. "Oh no, MY TRUFFULA HOT AIR BALLOON!!" yelled Adam, then rushed towards it. Pete looked at Patrick, Joe and Andy & told them to hide the berries away from the real bears, for they're basically like bear catnip. Somehow Pete knew if any of these bears were to eat their berries, they'd get high, hyperactive and attack any moving creature in sight.
"Here, use them as a decoy if you wanna protect your berries!" Tina pushed the bag of marshmallows she was holding at Fall Out Boy, ordering them to throw at the bears in case they attack them.
"But we're in a bear costume, won't they think we're one of them?" asked Patrick.
"But they can smell us through these outfits, can they?" added Andy.
"Dammit, I just remembered we forgot to spray on bear odorizer!" groaned Joe.
We turned our eyes back on the balloon, and it looks like poor Adam was swarmed by a bunch of real life barbaloots. His screams sounded as if he was panicking. "Oh no, we gotta help him!" Tina said, worrying.
Ironically, his screams of horror turned into laughter. "Ahahahaha I FOUND IT!" he yelled. "My camcorder, at last! This scene is just epic, all the real life barbaloots surrounding me, oh THANK GOD I can instantly get in touch up close and personal with them at this moment. Oh praise the lord~"
"Ladies, gentlemen and bears, our next top drama king, Adam Young." I joked. Tina and the guys of Fall Out Boy cracked up. "I heard that!" yelled Adam from the balloon.

Turns out the bears were only attacking the hot air balloon because they smelt marshmallows. Yes, for some reason they really like marshmallows besides the other natural food they usually can find in the forest. Tina was right all along to plan to use the marshmallows as a decoy to distract them from Fall Out Boy's berries. "Look, I'm feeding them with marshmallows!" Adam gleefully yelled again. Seeing this, the guys of Fall Out Boy wanted to try feeding the bears, but they still need something to hide the sack of berries from the bears. "Why don't you hide it in your bear costumes?" I asked. Joe replied, "this thing's too big for us to slip them in our costumes. We need 4 smaller sacks so we can divide them," "Not a problem!" Tina chirped, then hopped inside the balloon, searching for stuff among Adam and the bears. She then scurried back and handed Joe 4 pre-stapled candy wrapper sacks. "I was gonna use this for craft purposes but you can have them since you need them more," she said sweetly. Joe thanked them and while the bears weren't looking, the four of them divided the berries into the bags and hid the bags in their costumes. "Alright then, when he's done having fun times with the bears we'll cover for you. You need to catch up with the owl, right?" asked Pete. Tina and I nodded. Suddenly we saw Adam scurrying out from the balloon, followed by the swarm of bears. He was holding all his marshmallow bags. "Guys!" he called "guys look at the camera while I still have their attention!" he also told us to take each a bag of marshmallows and throw them up in the air like a confetti, for he wanted to see what will happen and capture the beautiful moment forever.
"Well what are we waiting for, chop chop!" Tina ordered, leading us. "On three… eins, zwei, DREI!" she counted. The six of us threw a confetti of marshmallows in the air from different angles while Adam rolled the camera. It attracted the attention of the bears. They jumped in the marshmallow rain and caught as much as possible in their mouths. It was just perfectly beautiful.

All of us got on camera in the end. We had a good time with the real life barbaloots. As soon as we're done recording, Adam Young, Tina and I had to get back in the hot air balloon to catch up with our runaway Lorax owl while Pete Wentz and the rest of his crew covered for us, still feeding the bears some marshmallows and distracting them this way. We waved goodbye to Fall Out Boy and ascended up the skies.


Tina and I could tell Adam was worried about the Lorax owl. He kept searching for the bird with his telescope while piloting the balloon. Lucky Tina's hands were still groping the binoculars she had earlier so she was able to assist him on the search. "Wait," Tina began. "the dudes of Fall Out Boy did say that they've got the berries from the forest they're just in, and at one point they briefly said that your Lorax owl was from that same spot, right?" "Probably, probably not, we might not know exactly how many forests they've been exploring today," Adam replied, followed with a regretful "gahh, we should've left earlier if we knew the owl was gonna fly away." "But if we did then we wouldn't have the footage of the barbaloots," reminded Tina, suddenly eyeing the camcorder. "Sad that the moment was shorter than what we had with the hummingfish and swomee swans though, I love the hummingfish jam concert the best," she added again, before Adam suddenly shouting "FOUR O-CLOCK! I saw a speeding flame-colored streak amongst the cotton candy clouds!" Quickly Tina directed the binoculars, but failed to see anything. "We need to go faster!" she said, beginning to let the adrenaline take over. "Way ahead of you," replied Adam, cranking some gears and somehow made the hot air balloon speed up forward. The potato I used to charge my laptop with hit me in the right eye. We were going so fast that the GPS we're using couldn't even locate where we were anymore. It was hyperspeed while still retaining in the same dimension.

Slowly, the hot air balloon decreased its speed and we were landing in an unknown place. The GPS couldn't find any location, or it was probably just busted. I tried checking the map to see where we last stopped and where we were now but I gotta be honest, reading maps and checking which direction we just went with a compass isn't an easy job. The scenery, oh the scenery, it was glowing. Everything were all wearing a bunch of warm colors. Even the grass were yellow, some of them reddish. There were no sight of blues or greens. Yes, there were no green trees; they were all from purples and pinks to reds, oranges and yellows. The tree branch sported some sort of patterns quite differently from normal trees; from swirls, zig-zags to just random uneven stripes, looking as if someone's engraved these on them. Their colors were also varied from purple-brown to grey-white.

"Whoa… where are we?" Tina asked.
"This wasn't on the hunt list, is it Owl City?" I asked.
"No," muttered Adam softly, just as amazed at the scenery as we are. "This… this is an extra destination I've never thought I set foot on. My GPS isn't working and I don't think this location is located on the big ol' map! We must be in some sort of island or something."
"But what if this was the place Fall Out Boy just came from when we met them?" asked Tina again. "What if it is? Did they have to go swimming to reach the barbaloot forest?"
"One way to find out," I said, then hurried up to an orange tree and tried to climb it. "Look for signs that four awesome rocker dudes in bear suits have just been here!" and absentmindedly started sniffing tree barks & tufts. Plucking a few leaf tufts in the process. Adam peered at the orange tufts I plucked off and spoke up, "hey wait… isn't that… that looks like…" Suspicious, he grabbed Tina and the three of us crowded the tree I was at, examining it further. "These look like the strands I found when brushing the Lorax owl's feathers," he then said, remembering earlier. "So that means… this is where the Lorax owl must've came from!" chirped Tina. "LOOK, I FOUND BERRIES!" I yelled from a distance. Suddenly, I wasn't on their tree anymore. I climbed another tree and this time, it had berries still growing off of it. "They look exactly like the berries Fall Out Boy had just now." I added. "HA! I toldja I was right, Pete Wentz and his gang WERE here previously!" Tina shouted, jumping for joy. Adam chuckled, but his giggles suddenly became laughter as he plucked more and more tufts of orange trees. "These-" he chortled between his laughs, "these are the closest we can get to actual truffula trees! I've never seen any tree like it!" "Neither do we!" Tina replied, then started climbing trees with different colors. "Gather as much and as colorful samples as you can, and not just the leaves, the barks too! And take loads of pictures cuz the GPS isn't working! We have to prove everyone this place exists!" she shouted as if she's an army general or some sort. Well she was giving orders. The three of us then proceeded to collect tufts, tree barks and berries for a good 30 minutes. Since Joe Trohman gave us the big sack they had earlier to trade for Tina's four smaller candy wrapper sacks, we used it to store our collection of scraps from the forest. All the while we were imagining a happy background music and was singing some Ed Helms songs.

"Hey let's go over that corner, the trees are more colorful there!" yelled Adam, still gleefully excited. We followed him into the direction he pointed, which wasn't exactly a corner. It was just more trees. But we're just as gleefully excited, doing cartwheels and backflips in the process. He was right, the trees were more colorful and there were more berries. "YAY BERRIES!" I squealed, rushing to pluck more berries. Tina carried on gathering more barks and Adam (like the Once-ler he was) gathered tufts. Suddenly he spotted something moving. He uncovered the purple tufts and gasped at what he saw. The Lorax owl. But it wasn't HIS Lorax owl. It was another one. He climbed down the tree and went further deep into the forest. There were other Lorax owls perched on the treetops. It was a whole family of them living in that forest. It wasn't exactly an ecosystem, though we wished it was. It was just the owls living there and our assumption was they eat those berries everyday for the rest of their lives, and if they got bored, they'll just wander away and find anything else they can eat, and then go home. They must be pretty good with locations and basically know which way to go home.
Tina took cover of Adam's position in gathering tufts while he suddenly changed his position; gazing at these owls and looking for the very bird he found earlier and took care of its injured self.
"What makes him so sure that his owl's in here?" I asked Tina.
"I dunno, intuition maybe. Probably that's what gave him his stage name," she replied, shrugging. Also mentioning the name 'Owl City' was coined from when he was in a forest full of owls back in his childhood. In the beginning it was just an assumption that this species of owls can locate any place just by eating, holding or just coming to contact with an item, but that fact probably was true to some.

Sure enough, when he climbed a seemingly red lonely tree amongst the pinks and oranges, his Lorax owl was there. Apparently feeling better, and chilling with his family. He had a wife and a few kids in the nest.
"Rara, Tina, come quick! Look what I found!" he chirped happily. We rushed towards his spot and climbed two more trees behind him. Sure enough, there was the Lorax owl with his family. The mother (apparently slightly smaller and more dull-feathered than her husband, but still orange and yellow) was feeding the nestlings some worms. "Earthworms? Where did they get those? All I see is berries everywhere," I asked. Adam replied, "well apparently they have worms deep in the ground. They have to have protein sources instead of just vitamins found in these berries. Then again I'm no bird, location or food expert so I shouldn't be the one to judge". "Same here," Tina & I replied. For another good 30 minutes, we rested on the trees, hanging out with the Lorax owl family and chatting about how ironic it is that there are more than one beings in that forest that "speaks for the trees", coming to the conclusion that because one isn't enough for the more the 6 billion people in the whole world compared to the one only settling in Thneedvile in the movie. We then played around with the owls after that, recorded videos and taking pictures as usual, having a good time and singing Owl City's own song 'Good Time' as we filled in for Carly Rae Jepsen's part.

When we set foot in the location, the sunset brushed beautifully over the completely-warm-colored scenery, but later it swept away and suddenly it was 7 at night. The orange and pink sky hues were gone and replaced with dark blue ones. It was time for us to go since luckily we did all three hunts and an extra one in one solid day. It was more than what it's worth.
I helped Tina carry the sack of "evidence" while watching Adam Young having to say goodbye to his feathered orange friend. "Alright, take care, we gotta go now. Eat plenty, sleep well, same goes with the rest of your family and friends living here," he spoke as if these birds were people. We chuckled, but felt bad because we hugged some Lorax owls ourselves previously. But Adam's Lorax owl, it was as if he understood what his Once-ler said. He hooted happily, followed by his wife and kids. Adam climbed down the tree and signaled us we were good to go. We followed him from behind with the sack.
Not far away shortly after, we heard an owl screech. We turned our heads and it was the Lorax owl; HIS Lorax owl, approaching him. He welcomed the bird with open arms and surprisingly the owl wrapped his wings around our Once-ler, seemingly wanting a last goodbye hug.
That moment made us speechless. Since Adam was in front of us, when we turned he was facing us, holding the Lorax owl on his chest and we observed how he was initially cheerful, happy and content, drastically into speechless and still. Much to our surprise, the female Lorax owl carried her babies on her back, and seeing the flightless babies about to drop when she was going to perch on his shoulder, he stick out his Once-ler hat and caught the falling babies safely. Still silent, he held the father owl with one hand and his hat full of owlets with another. I was standing still too, gazing at the scene, with Tina standing a few inches to my right.

"I-" I spoke up, raising my right hand.
"Just leave him alone for a while, he's having a moment," Tina cut in, patting my back. I put my hand down. Silence. I raised my left hand with the phone, and as Tina saw this she grabbed my hand & pushed it down. "Dude, no! I said leave him be!" she said sternly, seemingly concerned or just trying to hide her feels.
As the Lorax owl's family followed, perching on him as if they're thanking him for their husband/father's return, his breath rate decreased. His eyes turned watery, his vision distorted by the warm saltwater. He had to lowered his gaze and soon he knelt down, sitting on the ground. A few inches away, Tina and I swore we could hear faint sobbing coming from him. It was as if they understood that, if we don't manage to return to that place anymore, it means goodbye. It was as if they understood what being thankful is.

"God, this.. this-this is just… I can't believe this, okay? This touching moment was really unbelievably unexpected! I can't…" Tina rambled, cuddling my right arm, her head leaning on my shoulder. She was also having a mini-moment seeing Adam's closeness to the owls.
"BOOSH!" I suddenly shouted, instantly ruining her moment. Turns out I was recording the sob-and-cuddle footage on my phone. It was a keeper but I was intended to keep it for myself.
"WHY YOU LITTLE-" Tina exclaimed, releasing her hug and frogged me (basically jabbing me with her sharp middle knuckle). I almost dropped my phone. "OW!!" I yelled just as sharply as her jab. "THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" "Would you at least TRY to understand the situation here?" she replied. As usual, she was the conscience whenever I was the desire. I quickly grabbed my phone and shoved it inside my pocket, then we slowly walked towards the weeping Once-ler and the owls, joining in the solitary moment.
After he let the owls go and placed the owlets back in their nest, he gazed sadly upon the tree they lived on for one last time, with us sandwich-hugging him from the sides. We buried our faces on his sides, he buried his face on my head (much to my surprise), and the three of us tightly hugged for an emotional 10 minutes, all eyes drenched in feels. Moments later, we're good to walk off again. We had to say goodbye to the Lorax owls, hoping that someday we'll find this place again once we return, accidentally or on purpose.

Back in the truffula hot air balloon, aimlessly wandering just to find a signal for the GPS. Me and Tina were getting sleepy. It was 8.30 PM, we were already up for half an hour after the Lorax owl's return. Adam Young couldn't sleep, probably still thinking about the owls or just being insomniac, like he usually was. He proceeded to distract himself with editing the footages of the hunt he caught, and occasionally writing some lyrics. Meanwhile I was almost falling asleep on the sack while Tina tried doodling some barbaloots and lorax owls that we just hang out with on her sketchbook. She was also half-asleep, either trying to stay awake or trying to draw herself to sleep. We couldn't remember anything afterwards, probably because we fell asleep for a short while.

Tina suddenly awoke with a sharp gasp, probably having one of those dreams where she fell off a building. She looked around. I was still sleeping, and Owl City wasn't on his computer anymore. The sack I was sleeping on wasn't tied anymore. It also felt a bit emptier. Tina followed the trail of "truffula" tufts on the basket floor, and it lead to Adam next to the cockpit, and to her surprise he was KNITTING. On a hidden corner of the cockpit was some sort of makeshift spinning wheel to spin the tufts into cottony thread.
"Excuse me…" she asked, "are you knitting what I THINK you're knitting?"
"If the answer is a thneed, then yes, I am," he replied. "seeing you had no spare clothes cuz your clothes are still wet so you had to borrow mine, which obviously don't fit. I have to make something your size". "But… what if you used up all of the tufts? We won't have any evidence of the trees anymore once we got home," Tina questioned again. Adam shrugged and replied, "it's alright. Besides, I gotta give you both something in return as a thank-you gift for assisting me in the hunt. We did have a good time, didn't we?" Hearing this drew a progressively huge smile on Tina's face. She activated her guitar into the Sewtar. "For us, you'll need our measurements though, Rara's size is obviously smaller than mine," she told him, handing a piece of paper. He pushed one of the cockpit buttons and out came a measuring tape. He looked at her and she returned the same look to him. The classic I'm-gonna-finish-this-now look. "In times like these, EVERYBODY needs a thneed!" he said, full of optimism. "Bring it on!" she said. The two spent the night knitting and sewing thneeds from our tree tuft supply.

I finally woke up, wanting a glass of water after dreaming about drinking one. I went to the pantry and peered over to the side. Adam Young and Tina were still knitting thneeds while humming the tune of "Everybody Needs a Thneed". I approached them after finishing the water, and asked if they wee knitting what I thought they were knitting. Tina replied that she asked the same question moments earlier and yes, they were. After being forced to be their thneed model for a few tries, I quickly checked the GPS lying on the pantry table. There was a signal. The GPS was finally working again. "GUYS!" I yelled. "the GPS is working again! We can go home!" and rushed towards them, showing the coordinates. "Uh yeah… about that," Tina explained, "turns out the battery was dead the whole time we were in the truffula tree forest, and when you were sleeping Adam charged it with a potato, and now it' working fine." Again with the potato battery. "It's sad that we couldn't identify the location of the forest that time," Adam added, sighing. He still wished to see the Lorax owls again. Tina took a purple thneed and without the help of her Sewtar this time, with just her bare hands & orange and yellow threads, she drew the Lorax owl on the thneed. "Let's sew this on all of our thneeds," she said, "so next time we happen to return, they'll know we've been friends with this Lorax owl." Really, it was a mindless absurd idea, but it was a good one, we had to went along with it just to heal our hearts.

We couldn't sleep afterwards. After using up almost all of the tufts to make thneeds (and some thneeds for Fall Out Boy too) we drank green tea and danced out of boredom as we drew closer and closer to our homes. And yes, we did the embarrassing swomee swan attraction dance again, in a mocking way. We then sang a mash-up of "Hot Air Balloon" and "How Bad Can I Be", harmonizing and improvising along. But most importantly, we were wearing our newly-knitted thneeds, as proof that we've been on a place where warm-colored fluffy trees grow and the owls who live there speak for the trees. Also, the hunt was a success.
Adam Young is a strange kind of Once-ler. For some reason he knew how to correctly approach the fish, swans and bears and gain their trust, and for some reason his songs made them sing and dance along with us. Moreover he knew how to flip a stack of pancakes and knit thneeds, but unlike the Once-ler in the books and movie (besides not having a mule), he wouldn't dare to chop a tree off. That's a good thing. Although he does have this thing with emergency potato batteries.

The next morning he dropped us off from the same spot where we met him yesterday. We waved goodbye, but this time it was less painful than the goodbye we had with the Lorax owls. At least we'll know where each other will be. Tina and I returned to our own kingdoms after the hot air balloon ascended, leaving us. This time, we slept for 8 solid hours.
Weeks later, the video of the hummingfish, swomee swans and barbaloots was uploaded online, and lucky we were credited in it too. People loved the sudden performance and basically the unexpected happenings in our adventure. Oh, and Fall Out Boy uploaded a picture of them wearing the thneeds Owl City sent them. They were still wearing their barbaloot ears from last time's disguise (just the ears, not the masks).

The pictures we took went online as well, putting people in between amazement and disbelief. To our surprise (but we were expecting it sooner or later) Adam released a new music video and song based on our hummingfish performance . The footages he used weren't just at that said hummingfish performance, it was basically parts of our whole hunt, and Fall Out Boy even made a cameo during the barbaloot scenes. We realized that that so-called hunt was in fact, more than a hunt.

It was an adventure of a lifetime.

And sure enough, the next time this hunt opportunity came, we brought more people in the hot air balloon, and we made sure the GPS is working this time. Thus, the ample supply of potatoes.