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Relieve Your Envy This 2011

Happy new year everyone, happy 2011... OK now that's just a dead wish.

So I know this is a cliche topic but don't you guys wish you can copy away your longing jealousy that you can't get rid of? Well Ive looked through old comic files and thought of random stuff & here's what I found... some not-so-simple not-so-realistic solutions for relieving envy.

1. The Copypastouch

This is only for those people with the so-called "magic touch". Procedure? Simple, just touch the thing you envy and BOOYA. There it is. And it doesnt cost a dime. But it does have side effects though, if used too much & carelessly.


2. Anything-You-Want Magic Pills
Yeah, I thought of this old thing when I was a kid. They're normal round white (I think) pills that look like aspirin but works like awesomesauce.

Good news is that IT TOTALLY PWNS COPYPASTOUCH. Bad news is... its wish amount is limited, and it has to have a reason, and you get to spend yer money buying these babies. Oh and it has more side effects, just undiscovered.

3. Jealousy-Bending
This is a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender (The cartoon, the movie, whatever). Just read the comic already.

Downside about it is that it's only for jealousy benders. Yknow, the people with jealousybending skeelz only.

And last but not least,
4. Eat Some Envy Cake
Allrite so this is what the Envy Cake looks like.

And it wants you to eat it. But it's still unknown whether it'll help you or make your jealousy worse. Results may vary.

Happy jealousy-free new year.

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